Lively Paratransit Instructional Program (LPIP)

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Lively Technical College and the Florida Department of Transportation have partnered to form the Lively Paratransit Instructional Program (LPIP). The program purpose is to provide state of the art industry level training to Florida paratransit technicians. LPIP will provide paratransit technicians with quality training and information to facilitate improved performance and efficiency in the public transit area. The training will include classroom and lab settings and will be a resource for training materials and various
tools and equipment used daily throughout the state of Florida.

Paratransit Preventive Maintenance Policies And Procedures

This one-day interactive session will provide agencies with a basic understanding of organizing and monitoring preventive maintenance policies and procedures. Topics to be covered include maintenance plan development, maintaining accurate records, cost analysis, aligning with FDOT procedures ensuring positive safety inspections and outsourcing preventive maintenance responsibilities. This is not designed to be hands-on training but rather a practical application of effective preventive maintenance methods and techniques.


Paratransit Preventive Maintenance Technician Professional Development

The Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) professional development session provides technicians with inspection procedures utilizing the required Florida Department of Transportation standards. This training session will range from 1 and 2 days depending on the areas being addressed. Instruction will include all vehicle component inspection, lubrication and operational checks of additional vehicle accessories, wheelchair lifts, onboard fire suppression systems and items using the FDOT inspection form. The session follows FDOT Preventative Maintenance Standards Manual 5th Edition and addressing “A”, “B”, “C” inspections.

Paratransit Technician Technology

Series of seven component-specific training solutions scheduled throughout the year on Lively Technical College campus.




Those eligible to participate must meet the following requirements:

1. Must be a Florida transit agency employee or outsourced maintenance contractor.

2. Must be granted transit agency approval.

3. Must complete all required OJT obligations.

4. Must be a Florida resident.




Travel expenses will be reimbursed for eligible participants. Participants must travel more than 50 miles one way from their home agency to be eligible for reimbursement of travel, meals and lodging. Lodging and car rental arrangements will be made through Lively Technical College. Participants should indicate on the application a need for a rental car.