In-House Maintenance Plan Template

Outsource Maintenance Plan Template

Outsource Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement Template

TOP Template

Facility and Equipment Maintenance Plan

Fogmaker General Parts Manual 2023

Pre-Trip/Post-Trip Inspection Form

Preventative Maintenance Inspection Form

Preventative Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Tracking Spreadsheet

Work Order

Road Call Log

Road Call Information Sheet

Maintenance Activity

Fogmaker Operation and Installation Manual

Fogmaker Annual Inspection Form (PDF)

Fogmaker Annual Inspection Form (XLSX)

Wheelchair Lift Inspection Checklist

Warranty Powerpoint

Q’Straint Retractor Test

PM Inspection Instructions

Valeo Advanced Monitoring and Disgnostics

Valeo AC Preventative Maintenance

Braun Troubleshooting Guide


Transit Office Documents and Forms

Center for Urban Transportation Research

Florida Compliance Oversight and Technical Assistance

Florida Association of Paratransit Technicians

Florida Transit Maintenance Consortium

Lively Technical College

Florida Public Transportation Association

Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program

Public Transit Office

Crashworthiness and Impact Analysis Laboratory

Transit Research Inspection Procurement

Florida Transit Safety and Operations Network

Florida Commission for Transportation Disadvantaged